IGNOU BMLT Grade Card June 2014

IGNOU BMLT Grade Card has combination of 3 different marks you have obtained in one of your subject from IGNOU BMLT Syllabus, it will include your Assignments marks, Practical exam marks and Theory Exam marks.

If this all will be satisfied by you then only you will get clean chit of complete title in your grade card status. Therefore Grade Card plays a vital role in getting degree certificate by IGNOU. If your grade card showing incomplete status you will not get your IGNOU BMLT Degree Certificate.

Once you clear out IGNOU BMLT theory Exam it will show in your result that you have pass in your subject but in grade card it will be showing incomplete status it’s because you might have not submitted your Assignments. So it’s compulsory to get “COMPLETE” written in all your IGNOU BMLT Subjects in your IGNOU BMLT Grade Card Status.
Download IGNOU BMLT Grade Card 2014
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